Alright Already LP (Vinyl)

Polish Club


By the time the runaway car sideswipes a train in the first hip-hammering chorus, it's compelling to wonder whether Polish Club might have just made the most blistering rock'n'roll debut of 2017.

'Alright Already' is the culmination of a Stax-meets-Stooges slab of highly combustible bunker-soul tunes recorded in eight days in Leichhardt's Linear Studios.

The album features latest single 'Come Party', plus the fully loaded 'Beat Up', and 'Beeping', all that have been smashed across Triple J.

Where U Been?
Come Party
If It Was Me
Beat Up
Why Should I
How To Be Alone

Shark Attack!
My Delight
Red River Rock

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Alright Already LP (Vinyl) by Polish Club